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In this section, you will find the detail of charities supported by SBD, & some other great local services that support the local music scene. Check out our feedback page for comments from some of the people we work with in support of the local music scene. 


Here are some of the charities that we've supported & raised funds for over the last few years.......

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For the latest gigs for our musicians please see our gig posters & events on our Facebook page
We recommend Joining Bands On in Swindon* on Facebook, where you will find details of all the upcoming gigs around the Swindon area & BoiS Live Streaming* Swindon's finest musicians performing via streaming.
Bands on in Swindon Streaming


*Please note BoiS & BoiS Live Streaming groups are completely independent/separate from SDB for which you will need to join the group to view upcoming gigs. The group owners require the group members to adhere to their simple & relaxed group guidelines.

This is a page to sell band gear, guitars, amps, drums, P.A's, etc. Let's all add our musical friends & help people find gear or sell gear they no longer need in the South West. Click the image above to visit now

Swindon Bands Music
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