Here are some of our musicians, and for more detail &/or to listen to the musicians please click on the images. If any of the musicians are of interest to you then please use  contact page

Jamie Hawkins Singer/Songwriter
WMD Band
Homer Band
LadsLadsLads Band
Darren Hunt Solo Show
The Groove Radicals Band
Chris OLeary Solo
Ofiddleary Irish Duo
Make The Call Band
Locomotion Band
Sister Sister band
The Usual Suspects Band
Foo Fighters Tribute - The Fooz
The Casual Ties
Echo Band
Bluefinz Band 2019
Six O'Clock Circus
Built for Comfort Band
Reloaded Band
Spiral Key Band
Wirebirds Band
Retro Band
Bandantree Band
Rockers Reunited Band
Hooch Band
Penfold Band
Binomial Duo
Danny & the Randoms Band
The Parabolics
My Generation Band
Room 101 Band
Jimmy Moore Music
indied Band
Hippyhaze Band
Route 61 Band
Tony M Solo Artist
The Beat Routes Band
MTC Unplugged Duo
bedrock Band
No Fit State Band
Roughcut Ruby Band
Brian Slade Vocalist
Mark Stone
Little MISS Dynamite
Local Heroes Inc Band
Total Eclipse Duo
Alive & Kicking
Since Day Dot
Jordan Marvell Music
Manhattan Nights Band
Good Times
The Magic Roundabouts
Drew Bryant Solo
Marc Hopkins Solo Artist
Josie & the Outlaw
Beautiful Trauma Pink Tribute 2
Down & Dirty Band
The Teddy White Band
Post 12 Band
Evolution Band
Charlie Kay Solo Vocalist
The Zoots Band in Swindon
Steamroller Band
last call
Rotten Aces Band
Wildwood Band
Loaded Dice Band
Phil Cooper Singer/Songwriter
Danger Mouse Band
Champagne Charlie Band
Audio Asylum Band
Glam Resurrection Duo
Too Rock For Country Band
The JCs Band
CCRR Band (Tribute)
My Mates Band
Metson Duo
Rock Mockers Band
Sarah C Ryan Band
Neon Band
Rude Mood Band
BlackSmith Folk Rock Band
Weller Acoustic Project
Beatelles Band
Sam Nash Vocals
Apache Smoke Band
Jon Pollard
Abstraction Engine Band
Steve Shearan
El Toro
Flaming Moe's Band
Punk and Disorderly Band
Joli & the Souls Band
Henry Ray Acoustic Solo
Rorke's Drift
The Hush Band
One Chord Wonders
Acoustic Aaron Solo
Fork Lift Truck Band
The Ukey Dukes
Ska "Bucks Band
Truckstop Lizard Band
Lifetime Band
DJ George Andrews
The Lizzy Legacy Band
Charlotte Fox Solo Artist
The Strays Band
Wing and a Prayer Band
Axis All Areas Band
Joli Soul Solo Artist
Pete Holden Guitarist Singer
Stat X Band
The Ultimate Band
Kerenza Solo Artist
Kayleigh Tributes & Entertainment
Brendan Tributes & Entertainer
The Lost Hills
Adam Woodhouse
Six Lives Left Band
Ryan Webb
Kerry Sings
The Bridge Band
Lenny Solo
Bobbi Solo Vocalist
Navajo Dogs
Emily Price
Jukebox James
Steve Tilley
Laylow Band
Kaleido Bay Band
The Connection
The Roughcut Rebels
Bobcat and the Bird dogs
Tass Forty Vocalist
Hail The King
Splat The Rat
Young Dumb & Broke Band
The Shaggy Dog Raconteurs
MR Bon Jovi - Solo LIVE & UNPLUGGED acou
The Social Fretwork